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Linda Holliday: Pioneering the Future of Content Creation

Revolutionizing Content Creation: Linda Holliday’s Impact on the Mobile-Most Media Ecosystem

Discover the remarkable journey of Linda Holliday, the CEO of Citia, and her groundbreaking contributions to the world of media, communications, and technology. As a visionary leader, Holliday has spearheaded the development of Citia, a revolutionary system that enables companies to create engaging and measurable content across multiple channels. In this article, we will delve into Holliday’s background, her accomplishments, and the impact she has made on the ever-evolving mobile-most media ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

  • Linda Holliday is the CEO of Citia, a pioneering company that specializes in creating measurable, multi-channel content.
  • Holliday has a diverse background in sports marketing, television, production, and digital communication.
  • She co-founded Medical Broadcasting Company, now known as Publicis Health, and played a pivotal role in driving digital innovation for leading organizations.
  • Holliday’s educational background at The Wharton School equipped her with the necessary skills to navigate the intersection of media, communications, and technology.
  • With Citia, Holliday aims to empower companies like Viacom and GE to adapt to the new mobile-most media ecosystem.

The Early Years

Linda Holliday’s journey towards becoming a leading figure in the world of media and technology began with her admission to The Wharton School, where she pursued her studies in systems sciences. Even before the term “design thinker” was widely recognized, Holliday exhibited an innate ability to think critically and creatively about systems and their impact on various industries.

From Sports Marketing to Digital Innovation

Following her education, Holliday embarked on a career in sports marketing, television, and production. Her experience in these fields provided her with invaluable insights into the power of media and its ability to captivate audiences. However, it was her co-founding of Medical Broadcasting Company (MBC) that truly solidified her position as a pioneer in the digital realm.

Under Holliday’s guidance, MBC harnessed the potential of technology, communications, and science to drive digital innovation for numerous organizations, including household names such as J&J, Claritin, and Viagra. By leveraging her expertise and combining it with cutting-edge technologies, Holliday and her team successfully transformed the way these organizations engaged with their audiences.

The Birth of Citia

Building upon her extensive experience in digital communication, Holliday recognized the need for a new approach to content creation. In an increasingly mobile-dominated media landscape, where attention spans are shorter and content consumption habits are constantly evolving, companies needed a solution that could deliver “snackable” and engaging content across multiple channels.

This realization led to the creation of Citia, an innovative system that empowers companies to produce measurable, multi-channel content. Citia’s platform leverages data analytics and user behavior insights to optimize content delivery and drive audience engagement. By using Citia, companies such as Viacom and GE have been able to seamlessly adapt to the demands of the mobile-most media ecosystem.


Linda Holliday’s journey from a design thinker to a renowned entrepreneur has been marked by her relentless pursuit of innovation in media, communications, and technology. With Citia, she has introduced a paradigm shift in content creation, providing companies with the tools to navigate the evolving media landscape successfully. Holliday’s expertise and visionary leadership continue to shape the future of digital communication, inspiring others to think boldly and embrace change.

As we move further into the digital age, it is leaders like Linda Holliday who will continue to pave the way for new possibilities in content creation, ensuring that companies can effectively engage their audiences in the mobile-most media ecosystem.

Written by Martin Cole

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