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How SEO Agencies in Alberta Can Benefit From the Incoming Gambling Legislation Overhaul

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On the 4th of April, 2022, the province of Ontario officially launched its legal gambling market, becoming the first province in Canada to license commercial bookmakers and have them inhabit their province legally. What does that have to do with SEO agencies in Alberta? Well for one, Alberta is one of the next provinces to jump on the bandwagon and implement a licensing system, and SEO agencies, if they play their cards right, could stand to benefit from all of the operators that enter the market.

SEO is a little like medicine in that there are so many different branches. SEO can be focused on eCommerce websites, websites to drive subscriptions, and websites that make money off of advertising, the list is endless. One of the smaller, yet incredibly difficult SEO niches to crack, lies within the realm of iGaming affiliate websites, which have received a boost as Canada’s gambling markets have begun opening up more.

What is an iGaming affiliate website?

To better understand an iGaming affiliate website, one should become familiar with the terms iGaming and affiliate. iGaming is the practice of gambling on the internet, whether through online sports betting or through playing games on online casinos. Affiliates within this field promote the best platforms to do this activity on, and the best of these are the ones that implement good SEO strategies.

An iGaming affiliate website best performs when it ranks on Google for competitive keywords, and sends high-quality leads to the operators they’re promoting. This industry, especially in the Canadian market, is bursting at the seams with different competitors, however with that said, there are still plenty of opportunities that have not yet been grasped as of yet, especially within the province of Alberta.

How Can Alberta SEO Agencies Benefit from them?

According to Alex Goldstein, a betting expert from, very few of the participants within the iGaming affiliate SEO niche are targetting Alberta, and who better to help these iGaming affiliate websites than SEOs from Alberta? Alberta SEO agencies can offer their services to existing websites, and in turn, benefit from the impending legalization of gambling in Alberta.

Alternatively, SEO agencies in Alberta could go all in, and look to create their own iGaming affiliate websites, designed primarily to send Alberta bettors to licensed and legal sports betting websites.

Either way, there are opportunities for SEO agencies in Alberta to benefit from this new trend, potentially even expand their areas of expertise, and potentially continue to follow this lucrative industry.

What Alberta SEO Agencies Can Learn from Ontario

There are a number of things SEO agencies in Alberta could learn from the situation in Ontario. For one, it’s good to get in early, but SEOs should be aware that they may need to be on call to make changes.

Many iGaming affiliates began preparing for the launch in Ontario by preparing content months before the official launch but had to change much of the content as new rules about the advertisement of inducements were updated.

All in all, there is plenty of opportunities to learn from what has happened in Ontario, but of course, Alberta will be an altogether different challenge. There are plenty of ways to capitalize on this new legislation for Alberta-based SEO agencies.

Written by Mark Smith

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

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